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AMS 02 TRD meeting
16th/17th July 2002, CERN


On 16th and 17th of July 2002 a TRD subdetector meeting took place at CERN, Building 60-6-002. As almost all presentations were made with the aid of a computer (but unfortunately not all with the same program) we decided to collect all contributions and make them available on this page.
If you have problems with any file, please send an e-mail to me:
I've added some comments to all presentations, please regard them as my personal understanding.

Here you can go directly to presentations on:
gas system
AMS physics

Tuesday 16 July 2002 Morning: TRD detector and gas supplies

Tuesday 16 July 2002 Morning: TRD gas supplies

Tuesday 16 July 2002 Afternoon: Physics with AMS

Wednesday 17 July 2002 Morning: TRD Electronics

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